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This election cycle has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this country, the Great US of A is bankrupt of true leadership. Because I have learned from such great leaders such as Red McCombs and many others, and now that I teach and mentor leaders myself, this election has been incredibly difficult to watch. When you analyze these two candidates it’s really not hard to see how and why they became the nominees for the next president. I Say “We the People” are to blame.

Many people may read this article and say well “that’s just how it is” that’s how politicians are” that’s just the world we live in today” it’s just reality. Well, don’t we spend the majority of our life changing our reality, and striving for something better. In our heart of hearts as misguided as some people’s intentions are, most are striving for a change. And in order to change you must believe that you can.

So how did we get to this place? How did we get to a place where millions of people will support candidates that are proven liars that have made terrible decisions and have destroyed innocent people’s lives for the sake of power. It seems daily we see a news clip or some form of media that completely contradicts something that the candidate said or did days or weeks before. The sheer abundance of caca is unprecedented!

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There Is a very strong argument to be made that both of these candidates Clinton and Trump are terrible leaders. Keep in mind a great manipulator is not a great leader. A great salesperson is not necessarily great leader. A great negotiator is not necessarily a great leader.


Trump struggles to communicate effectively. His divisive language alienates groups of people and leaves even supporters scratching their heads. His latest debacle of locker room banter on the bus of the media outlet furthers the argument that he is a misogynist who cares nothing or has no respect for women. While this may be untrue and while he may not be a prejudice maniacal misogynist bigot, his words leave you questioning his judgment. Great leaders communicate effectively. Trump has also continuously lied about his own words, about previous statements and in my personal opinion manipulated the religious community into thinking he is something he is not. Trump will engage in petty arguments and will lose focus on W.I.N. (What’s Important Now) Great leaders focus on priorities and do get distracted with emotional pettiness.

Hillary Clinton has a long track record of scandal, lies and corporate interests. The decision to set up a private email server supposedly for convenience would leave anybody in the technology world baffled. She clearly lied on several occasions and the true intention of the private server is still unknown. This should be disturbing to any intellectually honest American who cares about their country. Self-Accountability is a key principle of any great leader. She has gotten away with so much that she is the poster child of what is wrong with our government and how there is little to no accountability for persons in great positions of power.

Clinton’s treatment of the women who accused her husband of either an affair and in some cases sexual assault was truly contradictory of her so-called feminist position. Great leaders do not destroy the character of innocent people in order to further their gains. Great leaders hold onto their values and convictions.

We are all to blame as we have allowed ourselves to become divided by skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, income and political party affiliation. It seems the media, no matter what category you fall into, will always portray that it’s you against them. We live in a time of verses. Black vs white. Cops vs black lives. Homosexuals vs religion. Rich vs Poor. Democrats vs Republicans. We have all heard the phrase divide and conquer. Great manipulators use this to distract from their own flaws as they portray themselves as great leaders.

In our envious obsession with money, fame, materialism and pop culture, we have been distracted from the true principles that make life fulfilling. Love, Integrity, honor, conviction, passion, spirituality, hard work, family, friendship, creativity, charity, empathy and TRUTH.

Great leaders preach these principals and bring people together for the betterment of all. Unfortunately, these types of leaders in politics seem to be a thing of the past. If there’s a Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan out there, I certainly hope they come to the forefront of the political leadership in the United States of America.