No matter what has happened or is happening, as long as you firmly believe, that the best is yet to come, then you will keep going.

If you have any doubts about the future, you will not survive. Even if life is good now, you should never go easy on yourself. Otherwise, your energy will be drained as soon as you feel that you’re not faced with challenges.

In order to recharge your mind and body, you need to revive your energy by focusing on your own self-confidence. You must get rid of this ‘undeserving’ feeling. You need to recognize your strengths and positives. Then you will feel able to become unrestrained and go for the jugular, whatever the odds.

You deserve it, whatever it is. That’s a great feeling. You now have something to look forward to and you can’t possibly go wrong. It may be a job, a romance, a home or a car. Perhaps an illustrated thermometer on the wall, which measures your progress towards achieving your specific goals, helps. Discipline yourself to keep on track. As circumstances change, don’t hesitate to review your goals regularly, but always keep moving.

Low self-esteem is a killer

That would make life really hard. That affects your interaction with people and enjoy the things you like. Life is sometimes very tough with relationships breaking down and career paths interrupted. That comes with the territory.

Climbing up the different ladders in life is a constant challenge, which should be seen as a sport. Good times never last, but as long as you remain excited about ‘the best is yet to come’, you will jump out of bed in the morning and put more work into your hours than anyone else.

Stress is a – silent – killer too. But if you don’t get stuck in the past and if you have many tasks in your to-do list, then you don’t have time to even think of any ailments and complaints. Don’t let your emotions overtake you.

Go play with your pet and simply let it pass. Always think of the possible sensation of whatever the best is, that is yet to come!

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Jon Flatt is the CEO of KERV Interactive, which produces award-winning interactive video technology that is revolutionizing visual storytelling for brands and advertisers. Before KERV, he was CEO and founder of Red McCombs Media, which was acquired by LIN Media.