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When getting advice, feedback or consulting from any source, it’s imperative the source has practical real world experience that has led to success. While traditional education can be valuable, getting advice, direction and specific vendor recommendations from a true expert that has been in the trenches and had success beyond the norm can be incredibly valuable to a business.

For Companies:

JFlatt Consulting Specializes in Business Development and Digital Advertising Solutions that Yield Positive Results such as Increased Revenue,Profits and Obtainment of Specific Company Goals.
Outsource Your Business Development for pennies on the dollar. Work with professionals that have built business from the ground up and generated over 500 million dollars in revenue.

For Professionals:

Be coached by individuals who have achieved great success in their own careers and will help create a the mindset and path it takes to reach your goals

About Jon Flatt

Jon Flatt started Wholesales Clicks (which became Red McCombs Media) from a one bedroom apartment with a fax machine and a credit card. He has a great understanding of business at every stage of growth as RMM went from zero employees to hundreds over the course of 8 years and became one of the largest Digital advertising companies in the USA. Jon is directly involved with every JFlatt Consulting Client. Jon has over 18 years of practical digital and business experience.

Jon Flatt is the founder and former CEO of RED McCombs Media, a.k.a. RMM Online. Jon held this position for over 10 years, generating over $500 million in digital revenue. The purchase of RMM (Nov. 2009 in which Jon retained his position as CEO) by Lin TV (which became Lin Media in 2013, and merged with Media General in 2014) was finalized in Dec. f 2012, prompting Jon`s departure from the company in 2013. Having successfully built one of the largest online advertising and media services empires in the U.S. Jon is now passionate about helping other companies achieve success
“Our Team of Consultants and vendors are the best of the best in the dynamic world of business and digital consulting. I have always surrounded myself with the best possible talent. I truly enjoy sharing this talent and working directly with companies who are looking for results based solutions” – Jon Flatt.

Jon is directly involved with every JFlatt Consulting Client.

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What Business Stars Say About Jon Flatt:
“I have witnessed firsthand Jon`s unique ability to lead and build a company from the ground up. He has a proven track record to create technology, operations and company vision based on identifying early adopter trends in the market place” – Bruce Knox , VP , Circuit of the Americas
“Jon Flatt is a true entrepreneur and pioneer in the fast growing world of online advertising. His philosophies on innovation and business operations in the new economy have proven to be very successful.” – Red McCombs , Billionaire and former owner of , The Minnesota Vikings
“Jon has an uncanny ability to quickly understand very complex issues and come up with effective scaleable solutions. His abilities as a problem solver are among the best I have ever experienced” – Scott Friesen , CEO , Verdant Frontiers
“Jon Flatt is a visionary who has the unique ability to identify early adopter trends in online advertising and more importantly, develop and execute strategies to capitalize upon those trends.” – Rad Weaver , Partner , McCombs Enterprises
“Jon Flatt builds and leads profitable, highly successful, and rapid growth companies.  He is able to focus on mentoring excellent leadership teams, attracting top talent, and gaining employee loyalty during an intense high growth revenue stage.  Having worked as CFO for Jon's previous company, Lin Digital, I was able to see first hand his razor sharp focus on building a highly profitable business with an end goal to produce company, employee and shareholder returns.” – Sherri Holland , CFO , Nfluient
“With almost two decades of experience in digital advertising sales, business operations, and as a publisher, Jon brings a level of combined expertise not seen often in the digital space. Leveraging owned and paid assets for revenue and sales is tough. Building a business from that success is even more difficult. Few people exist that can help you accomplish those types of goals. Jon is one of them. ” – Farhan Rehmani , Director, Business Development , Varick Media Management 
“Jon Flatt is a true visionary in the digital space.  He's a born entrepreneur, leader, and always has his finger on the pulse of "whats next".” – Jason Gibson , Regional Account Executive , LIN Digital
“If you are looking to improve your company culture, attract the best talent and position your company for maximum growth, you need to be talking to Jon. Early on in the digital World, Jon realized that tech is an important component in the Red McCombs Media value proposition and while service is key, a tech platform would position the company far beyond competitors. He conceptualized and created RedZone, a platform that streamlines internal workflow that competitors are still trying to replicate in 2016 and gives full, real-time data access to agency clients and brands beyond the limitations of a DSP or an ad server. This is just one of many things that made Red McCombs Media attractive to bidders and led to the purchase of Red McCombs Media by LIN Media. With the powerful combination of tech and service touted by LIN Media, they were purchased by Media General, who was then purchased by NexStar. All of these companies achieved great success as a result of Jon’s early work…work which has withstood the test of time.” – Larry Tucker , regional account lead , Centro

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