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How Social Media Monitoring Can Generate Leads

A good business listens to its customers and, thanks to social media, it’s easier to do that now than ever before – not just with existing clients, but potential customers and those of your rivals. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a great chance of using social media monitoring to improve your business and generate […]

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Best Practices For Organizing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

You’ve assembled a capable team, planned your campaign to the smallest detail, chosen the most effective platforms, and established an editorial calendar. Therefore, the social media campaign you are about to launch might as well be on its way. However, life in the marketing department can be hectic, stressful, and sometimes even chaotic, so keeping […]

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Top Lead Generation Tactics for Content Marketers

Neil Patel, one of the world’s most prevalent and respected digital marketers, once stated a fundamental truth about lead generation tactics: “Remember that every lead generation campaign is powered by email marketing.”   He’s right. A lead isn’t a lead until you’ve captured their email address. Up until that point, they’re just a website visitor […]

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7 Important Lessons for Using Google Analytics After Scaling Upwards

Many websites use Google Analytics to track visitor data and action within the site. However, as websites grow bigger, Google Analytics (GA) must retrieve large amounts of information. Many webmasters run into problems related to sampling and other factors. The following tips will help you get the best service from your GA reports and hence […]

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How to Automate Your Lead Gen with Facebook Lead Ads and Zapier

GetResponse is loaded with features right out of the box that make it easy to communicate with your customers via email and increase sales. What can be easy to forget is how much more power you can add by connecting the other apps you use during your work day—like lead gen form tools—to your campaigns […]

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All the Online Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

One article with all the online advertising opportunities sounds neat, right? I thought the same so here is the post. Throughout the years at Linkody (the tool to monitor backlinks) we have tested different online ad options. In this article, you will find info about the ways to advertise your business, the expected costs and how to launch different […]

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Do Words Still Dominate the Digital World?

Content has come a long way. It has been transforming the way marketers formulate their strategies to expand reach. Each brand has its own interesting story to tell. Amidst new digital transformation and major innovations like live streaming, video blogging, audio and so on, written content still has its own role to play. It’s still […]

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Do You Know Your Brand Voice?

Does your brand have a distinct brand voice? Would your customers recognize you just by the way you speak to them? Voice is a crucial part of your brand’s identity, so if neither of the two is the case, read on to see how to change it.   What is voice, and what is tone? […]

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10 Avoidable Email Marketing Follies

Digital marketing has opened the door for a lot of brand messaging strategies. Even with the rise and rise of popular channels like social media, instant messaging, and now, conversational commerce for communication, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach new and existing customers.       However, it […]

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