• JFlatt Consulting works with all size companies based upon needs assessment.
  • There is no charge for initial consultation
  • No matter what size company, you can afford us as we have many flexible programs to suite your individual credit or cash flow situation.

 Effective Communication

  • Company Goal assessment
  • Barriers to achieving goals
  • Practical specific solutions that breakdown barriers


“A Business is like a machine that has many moving parts. For the machine to be highly productive each individual component must function properly while working together. For the machine to keep functioning for years to come it must be well oiled and modernized frequently or it will get old and die.”  ~Jon Flatt


Destroying Barriers to Success Through Expertise and Understanding of Your Company’s

  • Digital Marketing: Web/Mobile,Search (SEO,SEM),Display (Re-Targeting, Behavior Targeting),Video(pre-mid-post roll),Social Media (All Major platforms organic and paid),Native(content) Influencer Marketing and Email Marketing.
  • Market demand
  • Competition
  • Your value proposition/market/competitive advantage/pricing
  • Competitions value prop
  • Client Attrition rate
  • Executives Roles
  • Departments
  • Operations, internal communication structure
  • Staff incentives/motivation
  • Executives incentives/motivation
  • Company Culture
  • Employee Attrition rate
  • Inventory supply and management
  • Hiring practices
  • Executive Team Management Philosophy
  • Past Marketing efforts
  • Traditional marketing: TV,Radio,Print
  • Tracking, report and optimization of all marketing/Advertising efforts
  • ROI measurement
  • Total customer acquisition cost
  • Remarketing to customer base
  • Company Website
  • Specific Finance challenges
  • AR/AR
  • Finance operations
  • Cash flow
  • Raising Capital
  • Credit
  • IT challenges
  • IT operations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Selling your Company

JFaltt Consulting will provide practical solutions that will have positive results.

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